In 1998, Burnett Library established the African American Resource Area to bring together books, videos and magazines, about Black History, Culture and Achievement. The resources area contains over 1500 items and special collections. 


1. The African American Heritage Collection of Non-Fiction

Guide: An introduction to Black History and Achievements


2. Black Heritage Videos/DVD's

100+Biographies including scientists, entrepreneurs, writers, explorers, inventors, photographers, historians, educators, journalists, generals, artists and more!


3. Gifts of Heritage

100+ books about Black Culture, Achievement, and History to give children as presents and to encourage cultural literacy


4. Fiction By Black Authors

100+ novels


5. The Essie Tucker and Helene Hale Collection of Black Woman's History

200+ books to illuminate impressive accomplishments of Black Women. Underwritten by Marcus and Indira Hale-Tucker to honor their mothers. 


6. Black men of Courage

100+ biographies of great role and career models


7. magazines