Preserving African American History and Expanding Public Awareness 

Under the guiding leadership of Indira Hale-Tucker and Doris Topsy-Elvord, the African American Heritage Society of Long Beach (AAHS) was formed in 1997, as a financial support group and as an advocate for the establishment of an African American Resource Center at Burnett Library.  It was dedicated to expanding public awareness of Black American contributions to our nation's development as an inspiration to all.  The AAHS was incorporated as a California Non-profit Public Benefit Corporation not for the private gain of any person but for charitable purposes July 22, 2005, to solicit funds, collect resources, promote and preserve African American History, Achievement and Culture, expand public awareness of these contributions as a inspiration for all Americans, and promote genealogical research.  It directs these resources to the preservation of the African American Heritage Collection in the Long Beach Public Library and similar collections in Non-procit Public Benefit Corporations and Museums.  


Your ancestors took the lash, the branding iron, humiliation and oppression because one day they believed you would come along to flesh out the dream
— Maya Angelou